Alternatives to the 5 P. essay

A former colleague asked me to respond to this short opinion piece about finding appropriate replacements / enhancements for the 5 paragraph essay.  The article recommends blogs, multigenre research papers, infographics, debates, and satire / parody.  What else might we recommend?  How does an answer to this request and this essay have to be framed?



Mentor texts of the day: portfolios from previous 458 students.

WordPress: Katelyn Ostby. Katelyn gave me permission to share her site a few years ago so I continue to use it has an example of a nicely organized portfolio.  Her reflections on revision, and links to scanned first drafts, is an attention to detail that I really appreciated.

Google Site: Callie Bowen. I haven’t said anything about Google Sites before now, but as I was looking for examples, I was reminded of this portfolio.  Callie used it two years ago because she knew that her future students in many school districts would have easy access to Google Sites.

Wix: Haily Colbrunn.  Hailey used her Wix portfolio for multiple courses, and generally she handled navigation in Wix pretty effectively.

Weebly: Doug Kostecki.  I noticed while looking for an example that Weebly users have had trouble with navigation bars, except Doug.  His is among the best navigation bars in the history of 458. : )

WordPress again: Abbey Leier’s model from 2013 has some unique features I will let you explore.