Final exam: Wed Dec 13, Minard 306, 1:00 pm ….

Five plus minutes to show off your portfolio; about 80-90 seconds to address each prompt, although you can have some extra time if you want to show a video or walk us through a project in a bit more detail.
1. Tell us about your portfolio design and theme: which service did you choose  (WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Google)? Why is it a good choice for you: personality? professionalism? navigation, mix of both? How about image header you have chosen? Other personalizations?
2. Show us your Rules of Writing and tell us why your # 1 rule is your #1 rule.  If everybody has the same #1 rule, feel free to talk about other rules. : )
3. Summarize and/or share your favorite project of the semester. If relevant, tell us about the revisions you have made. Explain why you are highlighting this particular project: what did you learn, discover, or feel after completing this project?
4. Accept applause with humility.
5. Eat donuts.

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