Thinking about next time

I’ve been up and down with my journaling this semester; I always have stuff to write, but don’t always make the time.  Today I have been thinking about the next time I teach this course, so I definitely want to save these thoughts.

1. Tighten up the literacy narrative unit–less academic reading–but keep the audio essay. Spend a bit more class time on audio essays, and use the audio essay as a tool for revision. Many students did, without my prompting, and the audio essay really seems to have helped them out.

2. Write about place.  I used to do literacy narrative and place, and I think that combination is good.  I miss it. I might assign Deb Marquart’s Horizontal World; that’s what got me thinking about these course revisions.  I’d like to foreground a method in each unit:  Unit 1: writing from memory and objects; Unit 2: writing from memory and observation, from field research. I might require students to go to a place, observe closely, research, but I know I try to jam in too much.  Bad habits are hard to break.

3. Instead of “building a mystery” I might just narrow to “remix.” The mystery has the advantage / disadvantage of form, but remix would focus very specifically on remix strategies, composition strategies.  Some presentations lately have been interesting examples of layered, remixed writing: images from “Clueless” to subtly say “we are clueless about this topic.” Images of “tools” (i.e. annoying people) to say “look at these tools.”  Jason Palmeri will have a book out by the time I teach this class again: Remixing Composition.  Remix The Book, is out now.

I almost always default to three units; two units is feeling a bit odd, both a bit too stretched out.


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