Political Remix Videos: Dubisar and Palmeri

I’m sure lucky group 7 will do a great job presenting the article on remix I have assigned, but I want to note a few connections to articles we have read and concepts we have discussed in class.

1. The student with the most successful (viral) video considered the course a “sponsor of literacy;” he planned to continue to use remixes in his activist work.

2. The article notes that writing classes typically privilege student originality, but remixes change the nature of the original from student invented to student assembled.We discussed this on Friday.

3. None of the students considered themselves to really be ready to do a remix, but of course they all found their way through the assignment and loved the process and product.  We saw a similar set of views in the new literacy case studies.

4. I really like how Dubisar and Palmeri are careful not to assume their students are “digital natives;” instead they ask about the digital ecologies each of them inhabit.  Two or three had done some video production, but the genre switch (from news to remix) made the assignment seem unfamiliar.  This point, and number three, are consistent with how I approach “new literacy” assignments: I don’t assume familiarity, but I have faith in the ability of my students to create something meaningful to them, using the tools that seem relevant and accessible.



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